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Law Societies

Law Societies, not the CBA, govern Canada’s legal profession. They ensure lawyers meet professional standards and can help with issues regarding a specific lawyer’s conduct. Find out more about the CBA and what it does.

Legal Aid

Legal aid services are government-funded or subsidized legal services available for people with difficulties affording legal services, and who qualify for those services.

Pro Bono

Pro bono services are legal services provided by lawyers, free of charge or at a greatly reduced rate. Some CBA member lawyers provide pro bono services out of their commitment to the public interest and access to justice. For more information on pro bono legal services, or to find a lawyer who provides pro bono services, please contact your provincial or territorial law society.

CBA Submissions to Government

Track what the CBA says in response to government initiatives and legislation.

CBA Resolutions

Find our association's position on current legal issues by consulting our recent resolutions. You will see how our resolutions promote our mission and vision statement.

CBA Class Action Database

Our National Class Action Database is designed to give lawyers and the public easy access to court documents regarding class action lawsuits underway across the country. Since it’s a voluntary initiative, it does not provide a comprehensive listing of all class action lawsuits currently underway in Canada.  

CBA Initiatives

Discover how our projects are at the forefront of the legal profession. Familiarize yourself with our CBA initiatives.  

CBA PracticeLink

Consult our comprehensive law management practice site, CBA PracticeLink.