Call for Secretary-Treasurer

  • May 13, 2020

The CBA Executive Committee consists of the Officers of the Branch, including the Secretary-Treasurer. The Executive Committee advises and assists the President in the duties of that office and it may make decisions respecting the day to day operations of the Branch.

The Secretary-Treasurer circulates minutes in a timely manner, is responsible for budget requests (with staff assistance), superintends the finances of the Branch and presents statements with respect to Branch financial affairs at each general meeting. The Secretary-Treasurer otherwise assists the Executive as needed.

Members considering this office should be cognizant that it is a four-year commitment, as the CBA-NT Branch uses a ladder approach. From Secretary-Treasurer to Vice-President, President and finally Past President, the successful candidate will hold a 4-year term on the Executive Committee. Candidates should be prepared to work within a team framework to advocate on behalf of the CBA members in the NWT and to pursue improvement in the law and the administration of justice.

Nominations must be received by June 30, 2020 at

Please reach out to the current Executive Committee with any questions regarding this position.

President – Brittany Scott –
Past President –  Kelly McLaughlin –
Vice President – Amanda Thibodeau –
Secretary-Treasurer – Thomas Wallwork –