Access to Justice Committee

Access to justice is a growing issue that impacts Canadians across the country.  The problem of access to justice is amplified even further in the Northwest Territories due to several distinct challenges, including:

  • Geography
  • Cultural and language barriers
  • Limitations on communications infrastructure
  • Limited access to both private and legal aid counsel

The Northwest Territories Access to Justice Committee provides strategic direction and leadership to coordinate territory-wide access to justice initiatives.  The Committee’s goal is to improve and promote access to justice for the poor and middle class across the territory.


The NWT Access to Justice Committee has developed a timeline to facilitate moving forward on its targets.  As part of the approach, the Committee will:

  • Identify barriers that reduce access to justice for NWT citizens
  • Share information about existing programs, services, court procedures or protocols designed to enhance access to justice
  • Recommend enhancements to existing programs, services, court procedures or protocols that can remedy existing barriers
  • Recommend new responses to identified barriers that may include:
    • Alternative/innovative models of legal service delivery
    • Alternative mechanisms for dispute resolution
    • Early intervention measures
    • Litigation funding
    • Specialist court, alternate processes
    • Revised/simplified court procedures
    • Enhanced use of technology or other expedited procedures
    • Recruitment, admission, or retention of counsel
  • Identify any legislative changes necessary to effect the identified responses
  • Consult or liaise with individual stakeholders, access to justice groups, members of the judiciary or government agencies or departments
  • Create measures to assess the effectiveness of existing, enhanced or new programs, services, court procedures or protocols


The Committee is comprised of one representative for each of the following organizations:

  • The Law Society of the Northwest Territories
  • The Northwest Territories Branch of the Canadian Bar Association
  • The Government of the Northwest Territories Department of Justice
  • The Legal Services Board of the Northwest Territories
  • The Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories
  • The Territorial Court of the Northwest Territories

The CBA is committed to achieving equal justice in Canada. Visit the CBA National Equal Justice website to explore the issues, read our reports and get involved.